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Friday, September 5, 2008

Weather: you think about it or not?

Part of the reason people in L.A. put up with the threat of earthquakes, the 24- hour traffic jams, the heaviness of the smog filled air is for its perennially cheerful weather. My best friend Tracy lives in Glasgow(the opposite weather-wise) and when she's in town she spends the first few days thawing out. She'll take the sunniest seat at Barney Greengrass's patio, pulling her chair out away from the table's umbrella. She'll open my sunroof(I never use it) to catch any rays she can. She's like a cat who always searches for that sunny window.
I must say I take it all for granted. I've lived here all my life except for the one year I lived in Cannes which as it turns out is the sister city to Beverly Hills and also close to perfection weather-wise (and other-wise wise).
And though the kiddies are back in school this week, and it does already feel a little cooler, today I'm wearing a thin cotton tank top and white linen trousers with my sandals. We're having friends over tonight for dinner in the backyard. The kids will run around barefoot while we drink a bottle of wine around the firebowl which is never really for warmth but instead for the ambience. Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!


Malika said...

welcome to the world of blogging. i got your email. check out my blog locallosangeles.blogspot.com. i havent posted about you, but i have a link to your store on my site.

lovelux said...

thanks malika! im gonna check out your site tonite.