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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Poolside and Frost/Nixon

Frost/Nixon set decorator Susan Benjamin came to the right place when she called on Poolside to help her re-create summer in San Clemente circa 1977! She knew exactly what she wanted for her outdoor scene(like any excellent designer) and we were able to make it all happen: dining sets, chaises,teacarts...everything completely custom of course, even down to the 3" long white umbrella fringe!
The Ron Howard film opened yesterday to glowing reviews and already much Oscar buzz. I saw the original stage production last year in New York, Michael Sheen was amazing and Frank Langella was brilliant as always. The screen version promises to deliver the same and much more so make sure to go see it and keep an eye out for the sunny yellow Brown Jordan!

1 comment:

Robbie Christmas said...

Do you happen to know what brand of sunglasses Michael Sheen was wearing outside at San Clemente?!!
I've been trying to find out!